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Who We Are

MSU InterVarsity Internationals is a community for international
students and visiting scholars and those who love them to find home away from home and provide an opportunity to ask the deeper questions in life

We meet online in interest groups and Bible study. Friendship partners are offered for those who want to connect with someone in a one-to-one setting. We will also plan for other fun get-togethers monthly as the situation permits. Everybody is welcome regardless of nationality, 

language and beliefs.

Sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Graduate and Faculty Ministry



Carla Bieber

I received my B.S. in Occupational Therapy in 1990 from Western Michigan University. I worked with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship from 1990-1999. In that time I got married and had my first daughter. My husband and our first born lived in Taiwan, Taipei for four years and had two more children there. Since then we have lived in Michigan and New York. Also, we had three more kids, so six in total. My husband is a pastor at River Terrace Church and I work for InterVarsity Graduate Fellowship with international students and visiting scholars. I have been doing this for four years+. Getting to know people and their culture is enriching to me. I love to read, walk and hang out with friends.

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