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We are a community for international students and visiting scholars to find a home away from home and experience the love and hospitality of Christ.

Covid-19 Updates

Practice your English and talk about culture, values, and current events make friends, get connected and

stay connected

Explore the person of Jesus in the eye witness story of John. Anyone is welcome to join whether you are a Christian or curious to understand

who Jesus is.

Take time away from campus for American cultural experiences - all will be following Covid-19 protocol

Ben and Elise

"We came to MSU 3 years ago, to work post-doc in a lab."


As of August 18 Michigan State University has moved online. We will be conducting all of our meetings online, via Zoom.

For our Cultural Experiences we will be meeting in small, socially-distanced gatherings. 



"We came to MSU 4 years ago, I studied English while my husband finished his PhD."

A Conversation with Ola Eniola

Olamide (Ola) Eniola has worshiped with River Terrace since the fall of 2019. In this conversation with Pastor Ken, Ola shares about how he came from Nigeria to East Lansing as a Fulbright Scholar, and what he has experienced during his time here. 



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